Liquid Micro Pulsed PlasmaThruster for nanosatellites (L-µPPT)

The current interest for micro-spacecrafts essentially proceeds from the wider availability of enabling technologies (micro/nano-fabrication), and from the desire to reduce development and launcher costs. Nanosatellites are also potentially useful as a mean to increase a mission's reliability by distributing a large payload over a fleet of small spacecrafts. However, the application range of micro-spacecraft is currently restricted by the lack of sufficiently compact, lightweight, high specific impulse micro-propulsion systems. The L-µPPT project will develop and assess the functionality of a novel PPT technology based on liquid propellant, expected to enable significant improvements over Teflon-based PPTs in terms of propellant utilization and impulse bit predictability through a tight control of the mass of propellant injected. .

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