12 Oct 2016
»New Mikron UCP600 Vario fully automated just installed
We purchased a new milling machine 5-axis Mikron type UCP 600 Vario, fully automated.

25 Apr 2016
»W.A. De Vigier Foundation award - FEMTOprint in among the 10 nominee
Our Spin-off partner company FEMTOprint in among the 10 nominee for Vigier Award, the oldest and highest endowed prize for startups in Switzerland.

16 Apr 2016
»FEMTOprint at TEDxLugano
Nicoletta Casanova, CEO of FEMTOprint, gave a talk during TEDxLugano on the 16th April about "What really lies beneath a Swiss watch" and creativity to boost innovation in microsystems. Great speech! Proud to be Partner Firm of FEMTOprint

09 Dec 2014
»LIQUID Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster Project
The L-uPPT project is committed to developing and assessing the functionality of a novel PPT technology based on liquid propellant, expected to enable significant improvements over traditional solid Teflon-based PPTs in terms of propellant utilization and impulse bit predictability through a tight control of the mass of propellant injected.

15 Apr 2014
»Finalist of Innovation Award Laser Technology 2014
From online control of penetration depth in laser welding via femto-second laser printer up to laser fired contacts in silicon solar cells. Femtoprint is among the three finalists.

09 Jan 2014
»New Web - site FEMTOprint
Have a look through the new FEMTOprint web site!

23 Dec 2013
»Femtoprint SA is there!
The Swiss company FEMTOprint, spin-off of the European Project Femtoprint, is now reality. Make a tour through FEMTOprint website and contact us for more information! www.femtoprint.ch info@femtoprint.ch

10 Dec 2013
»Mecartex on CMM International
Commercial Micro Manufacturing International published an editorials about the benefit of using flexures in High Precision Devices Have a look at CMM Vol 6 No. 6, Dec. 2013, pp. 8-10, 19

16 Oct 2013
»New Z axis for microscopy
Innovative Z axis for microscopy Only one actuator Angular errors below 15µrad over the full travel range! Version DC and Piezo available

31 Jan 2013
»We will be at Photonics West 2013, 2 - 7 February 2013, The Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, United States
Come and see the Femtoprinter, the first desktop printer for three-dimensional glass micro-components, optofluidics and optomechanical systems.

20 Dec 2012
»3 New DDLs to help Exoplanets discovering.
3 more Differential Delay Lines were delivere just before Chrismas to the "Observatoire de Genève" scientist.