EDM Components

The ability to manufacture complex mechanical parts using the EDM process is one of the main capabilities of Mecartex.

Currently Mecartex performs only EDM manufacturing. Our company runs four EDM machines of GF AgieCharmilles Losone located inside its facilities.

The main fields where Mecartex operates as EDM supplier are high-end watches and optoelectronics.

The excellent competencies in manufacturing are key factors for the development phase of new products. In fact, these competencies give Mecartex the possibility to define a better design for manufacturing and a shorter time-to-market of new solutions.

The EDM Technology

Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) is a non traditional method of removing material by a series of rapidly recurring electric arcing discharges between an electrode (the cutting tool) and the workpiece. EDM is key technology in the direct machining of complex precision components.