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»Liquid Micro Pulsed PlasmaThruster for nanosatellites (L-µPPT)
The L-µPPT project roadmap bases on a two-step implementation which comprehends the development of a first prototype, followed by the design of a fully functional prototype. Each prototype shall have an associated system specification phase, and subsequent design and development phases for each system subcontinente (thruster, injector, electronics, thrust balance and vacuum stand). Six partners (four SMEs, a industry and a research organization) from 3 Member States- Spain, Poland and Sweden, and Switzerland, with different roles in the project, will work together to advance in the development of PPT propulsion system.

»Mecartex is involved in the FEMTOPRINT project - an FP7 project finance by the European Commission.
FEMTOPRINT is to develop a printer for microsystems with nano-scale features fabricated out of glass.

»3-D probe with nanometer resolution
With the continued trend in miniaturisation of electro-mechanical and optical systems there is an increasing demand for accurate geometrical measurements on small parts. An ultraprecision CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines) stage was combined with the new probe head at METAS, leading to an unprecedented CMM performance.

»Differential Delay Line
The mechanism for the Differential Delay Line (DDL) has been developed by Mecartex on behalf of an European consortium of universities. The Consortium has selected the solution proposed by Mecartex for the realization of a first prototype of the DDL for an instrument of the European Southern Observatory (ESO).